Turtle North America

The safe, most innovative & sustainable museum crate in the world is now available in North America.

The Turtle crate, originally created by Hizkia Van Kralingen, is used by leading museums in Europe and around the world for the safe and sustainable transportation of their most precious and valuable artworks. Turtle crates will be available to the North American market for lease through Masterpiece International. 

Turtle North America has an inventory of crates available for lease immediately by reservation only. For North American information, pricing, and availability:


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Trust Turtle North America to look after your artwork

"We are very excited about the opportunity to make the Turtle available for lease to the North American market… We see this as a sustainable, efficient way to transport the standard size artworks that exist today."
John O’Halloran, President, Turtle North America
""Es ist ein unglaubliches Produkt mit einer großartigen Geschichte. Wenn man die Turtle einmal benutzt hat, kann man die Vorzüge nicht mehr abstreiten.""
Andrew Buonomo, Masterpiece International, Brand Marketing Director



Masterpiece International was founded in 1989 in New York City, where its headquarters remains the preeminent logistics provider to the fine arts community, and a wide range of specialty industries, for nearly three decades. It has since expanded into 17 locations across the United States, with access to every major U.S. port and airport, and an expansive worldwide network.