Turtle Climate Cabinet

The Turtle Climate Cabinet is especially designed to transport multiple artworks and 3D objects in one box, with optimum vibration management and a climatized environment. It is developed for the safe transportation of prints, drawings and pastels that need to travel flat.


• The artworks stay in place using corner blocks and Velcro 

• The drawers are easily adjustable to specific heights 

• The insulation of the Turtle Climate Cabinet is comparable to the insulation in Turtle uNLtd

• The Turtle Climate Cabinet now comes in three sizes 

• The Turtle Climate Cabinet is equipped with wire rope isolators between the lower and upper frame, to optimize vibration and shock reduction 

• Because of its wheels, the Turtle Climate Cabinet is easy to move. During transportation, the Turtle Climate Cabinet is supported by adjustable feet, making it stable on every surface 

• The Turtle Climate Cabinet is sustainable, since the cart can be re-used in various ways


Note: Research reports are available.


General Information



Vibration Performance



Note: The listed reduction rates and amplitudes are measured at the most sensitive point of the crate. The mid points of the trays oscillate 50% less.