How to use

Watch the videos on how to use the Turtle to learn about all functionalities.  Instructions on the correct use can also be read in our user manual that you can download here .


Packing manual

Watch how Turtle-experienced art handlers pack artworks in the Turtle.

Unpacking manual

Watch how the Turtle is opened after transport and, following a condition check by the conservator, the work of art is hung by the art handlers.

Opening the lid

Watch how the lid of the Turtle is lifted before packing or unpacking artwork.

Contents of the Turtle

Watch what’s inside a Turtle.

Packing a heavy frame

Watch what to do when packing a heavy frame.

Packing a transport frame

Watch how a transport frame of any size can be transported in a Turtle.

Packing stacked frames

Watch how multiple frames can be packed inside a Turtle.

Packing a round frame

Watch how to use the blocks in order to transport a round frame.

Packing two frames in one Turtle

See how Turtle is optimally used for packaging two art pieces.

Packing a lightweight frame

View the steps for packing a lightweight frame inside a Turtle.

Baroque frame

See how to get a baroque frame or a frame with ornaments wrapped inside a Turtle.

Using the adjustment tool

View the step-by-step plan for using the adjustment tool when packing art easily in a Turtle.

Cleaning inside

Cleaning after transport is important to guarantee Turtle's sustainability.

Closing the lid

Always ensure that the lid closes the Turtle properly and that the locks are tightly closed.

Using Tip 'n Easy

See how the Tip 'n Easy increases the user-friendliness of the Turtle.

Storing the Turtle

Watch how art handlers store the Turtle for later use.


Packing, unpacking, assembling and hanging works of art require specific skills. All Turtle users are trained by the in-house specialists of the Turtle team. Our experienced art handlers give presentations and training to everyone who will be working with the Turtle.