Turtle uNLtd

Turtle is the safe, most innovative and sustainable museum crate in the world for the transportation of valuable artworks. The Turtle, a climate crate with unique properties, was originally developed in 1994 and is the result of extensive testing and development. Turtle meets all contemporary demands of art transportation and is user-friendly. It is also the most sustainable crate available on the market today. Turtles are available in range of sizes.

Unique outer aspects of the Turtle

• Made of composite material

• All separate parts can be replaced easily 

• Durable and recyclable shoulder blocks 

• Maximum height of 159 cm (62 in) for lower deck transportation

• No forklift holes, this leaves more space in the Turtle and reduces the risk of damage

• Can be packed in an upright position


Unique inner elements of the Turtle

• Standard 4 corner blocks included

• Velcro rear wall, flexible play area

• Multiple works can be placed in a Turtle


Climate management

• Due to the special insulation, the temperature will only increase/decrease up to a maximum of 10 °C during a 48-hour period

• Humidity is regulated by the birchwood plate behind the Velcro


Vibration reduction

• The outer shell is made of a stiff composite material which reduces vibration

• The birchwood plate is held in place by the surrounding foam to pass on fewer vibrations

• The total weight of the Turtle is 115 kg/254 lbs

• Rubber shoulders are fixed on the outer shell

• The lid is closed with butterfly locks to avoid the use of screws and tools



• The current Turtle model has a lifespan of more than 20 years

• 99% of the Turtle parts can be recycled once the crate is no longer in use

• If a Turtle is rented out only five times in a year, it has already saved two trees