The revolutionary advanced corner block T+

Finally, there is an advanced solution for the harmful vibrations that can arise during handling and transport of artworks. Turtle has developed the new T+ securing system for optimum vibration reduction. Recent scientific research has shown that the advanced T+ corner block performs 100% better in terms of vibration reduction than a standard museum double-walled wooden crate. Shock absorption during transport is 90%. 

Turtle’s research focuses on protecting artworks during transport. We recently carried out studies into the performance of various types of art transport materials in terms of vibration reduction. This was done under the auspices of the vibration expert Prof. Kerstin Kracht. The studies showed that vibrations were reduced most efficiently by wire rope isolators.



The advanced Turtle corner block T+ is especially designed to transport a wide range of paintings with optimal vibration reduction and shock absorption in the Turtle uNLtd. 

• Custom wire rope isolators (wri) are used for shock and vibration management; the exact position, number and thickness are key in the performance 

• The ‘cover plate’ is used to fixate the painting towards the back plate of the Turtle

• The L-profiles are rigid aluminum, which provides a solid base for the wri

• The T+ is a right, left and side block 

• The pads are made of durable rubber

• The blocks stay in place using high-quality Velcro

• The weight of the painting determines the number of T+ which are needed to achieve the most optimal result

• T+ is only used in the Turtle uNLtd because of the rigid composite outer shell


General information 

• Maximum dim. between blocks is 128 x 133 cm 

• Minimum dim. between blocks is 29,5 x 29 cm 

• Actual weight per block is 2,2kg 

• Max. frame thickness is 11,5 cm


Vibration and shock performance 

The most important test results are added below. 

Comparison of the vibration isolation and shock reduction performance between different crates

Test report BFSV Hamburg Institute of Packaging GmbH


• Turtle uNLtd including T+ reduces 100% more vibration than a double-walled museum quality wooden crate and 60% more than the current corner blocks

• Turtle uNLtd including T+ absorbs 90% of shocks 


The table below shows the percentage vibration reductions attained with respect to the input.



The study tested various dummies at multiple points in time. The results quoted above are for a test using a panel dummy (34.6 kg, W x H = 118 x 119 cm) and a canvas painting (8.6 kg, W x H = 120 x 90 cm). The double-walled wooden crate was tested using the panel dummy and the regular corner blocks were also tested using the panel dummy. The T+ was tested using both dummies; the result given in the table is an average.



Vibration and shock performance 

The wri need two regide surfaces to which the fixation plates are attached. The vibration energy enters from the bottom surface and is led into the steel wires. The flown steel wires absorb the vibrational energy and release the reduced vibration to the top surface.

Please download the T+ factsheet here .


The origin of the T+

A tailor-made protection of paintings against shock and vibration during transport

In this video Geert Verhoeff, Turtle Business Development Manager, shares the findings of years of research which has led to the development of the T+. The recorded oral presentation was part of the conference Collection Care : New Challenges in Preventive Conservation, Predictive Analysis and Environmental Monitoring held December 1st – 3rd 2021.


The T+ is now available for art transport worldwide through our network of Turle Partners. More information? Please contact us via info@turtlebox.com