The revolutionary new corner block T+ offers the very best protection against vibrations in art transport

Finally, there is an advanced solution for the harmful vibrations that can arise during handling and transport of artworks. Turtle has developed the new T+ securing system for optimum vibration reduction. Recent scientific research has shown that the advanced T+ corner block performs 100% better in terms of vibration reduction than a standard museum double-walled wooden crate. Shock absorption during transport is 90%. The Kröller-Müller Museum, which helped develop the T+, was able to use it for the first time recently when sending three paintings by Vincent van Gogh to Houston in the United States, using Turtle’s transport crate and the T+. Read more .


The Story of Turtle

The Story of Turtle is a mini-documentary by renowned documentary maker Oeke Hoogendijk about a revolution in art transport created from a fresh perspective, inspired by time in the sea. In The Story of Turtle, she shows how priceless works of art can be transported safely and sustainably in the revolutionary, reusable transport crate. Read the news article about The Story of Turtle .

About Turtle

Since 1994 Turtle has been used by museums across the globe for the safe transportation of valuable artworks. Through years of innovation, Turtle has been developed to an unrivaled level. As a result of the collaboration with our respected partners, Turtle is now available worldwide.

Turtle brings the standard of fine art packaging to its highest level. The protection that Turtle provides against even the smallest variations in relative humidity and temperature is unequaled, and the customized internal technology of this crate results in an unsurpassed absorption of both shock and vibration. 

Turtle is the most sustainable climate crate available on the market today. The expected lifespan of a Turtle is at least 20 years, which provides the most efficient rental capacity available and an effective way for museums to reduce their ecological footprint. Turtle can now be your solution for shipping high-end art. Find out about the possibilities in your country through our worldwide network of partners in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, Benelux, Denmark and Finland, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

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Watch our first Turtle ambassador movie! This film is about Elisabeth Gram Christensen, Group Director of Møbeltransport Danmark – Fine Art Logistics. She talks about her focus on preventive conservation, art logistics and her experience working with Turtle.