Many works of art are vulnerable and they represent substantial value, both financial and emotional. They therefore have to be well protected during transport. The Turtle foresees in that and has become the museum quality packing standard in the Netherlands, so the works of our famous artist can travel safely around the world.

Turtle is also the sustainable and recyclable solution for transporting high-end art and facilitate the showing of it to people all over the globe. In participation with several Museums world-wide, Hizkia Van Kralingen developed the safe, most innovative and above all most cost-effective packaging method.


Since 1994 Turtle has been proving its value as a transportation and protection solution for moving and storing works by famous artists around the globe.

An art lover and surfer, Hizkia van Kralingen cares as much about art as he does about nature. These interests coincide in the Turtle: a safe, durable and sustainable way to transport art. The crate is made from materials that are also used for surfboards.

The guiding principles throughout the Turtle’s development have always been top quality, sustainable production, durability and reusability. These efforts have resulted in a safe and responsible way to transport paintings by such artists as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso and Vermeer all over the world.