Facts & figures

Turtle is the result of extensive testing to develop and refine the unique properties of this climate crate. We work with a team of specialists in the field of composite materials; the impact-resistant polyester of which the body of the Turtle is constructed is also used in the most recent air and space technology. This is a radically innovative product that brings the standard of fine art packaging to its highest level. 

One of the goals during the development of the Turtle was to design a product that could be used with ease anywhere in the world. The unique user-friendly aspect of the Turtle is the result of detailed discussions with leading museums around the globe because we share the same objective: Every work of art deserves nothing less than the highest level of protection during transit. 

Turtle is the most sustainable climate crate available on the market today. The combination of Turtle’s unrivaled protection together with its long-term sustainability and ease of use is unique in the world. In short, Turtle is the ideal partner for any artwork. The independent test results below substantiate the efficacy of Turtle.


Test results

The Topa Institute in the Netherlands recently investigated the impact of vibration, shock, temperature and relative humidity on works of art transported in the yellow Turtle and the green Turtle uNLtd. The revamped Turtle uNLtd delivered very good results in all categories. Download the test results .


Read the recent article in Restauro magazine (October 7/2018 issue) for test results on how effective the crate is against impacts and vibrations. This was investigated and tested by the independent vibration-stress expert ‘Dr. Kracht Vibration Management’. Read the translated verion here .


Research and development

Since the Turtle was designed and developed in 1994, museums around the globe have put their trust in Turtle to safely transport their cultural heritage. Constant research and development of this successful concept has resulted in the introduction of the Turtle uNLtd. This new Turtle product combines all of the trusted qualities of the original Turtle. The green Turtle uNLtd is an upgrade from a good to an even better Turtle. 

Turtles are available in a range of sizes. For inquiries and more information please contact  us.