Test results

The Topa Institute in the Netherlands recently investigated the impact of vibration, shock, temperature and relative humidity on works of art transported in the yellow Turtle and the green Turtle uNLtd. The revamped Turtle uNLtd delivered very good results in all categories.



Major advances have been made in the development of our new Turtle. In 2016 Hizkia Van Kralingen again reviewed and improved the shipping crate layer by layer with input from museum partners such as the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague and an advanced composites specialist. The upshot is the green Turtle uNLtd, an upgrade from a good to an even better Turtle. The Turtle uNLtd achieves significantly better results in all areas – shock resistance, temperature, relative humidity and durability. The yellow Turtle also provides better protection than a conventional wooden shipping crate. The combination of the materials used to manufacture the Turtle uNLtd make it very safe and durable.

The flexible system of adjustable corner support blocks can be adapted to the size of the painting. This enables the Turtle to provide a customized solution and minimize the impact of jarring and vibrations. 

Turtles are available in a range of sizes. For more information you can contact us.