Cleaning and disinfecting the Turtle

At this time when hygiene is a top priority, we would like to share how to thoroughly clean a Turtle before and after use. We've received a few enquiries about the best way to ensure the safety of Turtle when it comes to Covid-19, and so have prepared our recommendations on this topic to share.

The Turtle has a hardened surface with a cured gel coat, which makes it easy and safe to clean.

The surface material has been tested with a variety of cleaning agents (acetone, alcohol, bleach, etc) and all products have been approved by the technical department. Therefore, any disinfectant all-purpose cleaning product can be used efficiently and safely on the Turtle shell to reduce risk of cross-contamination during handling. 

In most cases, cleaning products used on the Turtle should be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions, with the only exception being our advice to wipe the surface with the chosen product instantly so that the product is not left on the surface for a prolonged period of time.


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