Turtle now available worldwide

We are excited to announce the cooperation with our international partners which has made Turtle available all over the world. As of today Turtle is represented around the world by Masterpiece (USA), Constantine (UK), Møbeltransport (Scandinavia), Global (Australia, New Zealand and Singapore) and Hizkia Van Kralingen (Benelux). 

The starting point for this milestone that we have reached together is the 11th European Registrars Conference (ERC2018) that takes place on 17-19 November 2018 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster. Here we present the Turtle global network to our international colleagues. 

The Conference provides a great opportunity for the introduction of Turtle by registrars and other museum professionals. The ERC2018 gives us a chance to communicate the range of possibilities of the climate crate and the opportunities it offers.

The Turtle is a versatile, sustainable and environmentally-friendly climate crate built specifically for the transport of fine art. The Turtle was designed and developed in 1994. Since then it has grown in reputation and is now considered to be the highest standard of fine art crating worldwide. 

We hope to meet you at the ERC 2018!


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