Turtle put to the test in Restauro

In the latest Restauro magazine of October 2018 'The Safe Transport of Works of Art' Turtle was put to the test! How effective is the crate against impact and vibration? This was investigated and tested by the independent vibration-stress expert Dr. Kracht Vibration Management. 

“The Turtle uNLtd thus sets the current standard for the physico-dynamic performance of painting transport crates.” Read the original article and detailed test report with informative graphics and video in Restauro here or open the translation of the report in English here .

The analyses confirm that not only does the latest development on the market, the Turtle uNLtd, “save the lives” of 40 trees per wooden crate the vibrations undergone by a painting packed inside a Turtle uNLtd amount to only 50% of those undergone by the same painting when packed inside a wooden climate crate. Moreover, the Turtle uNLtd maintains climatic conditions in its interior constant for 48 hours. 

Source material: www.restauro.de


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