'Donate for a Turtle' at Kunstmuseum

The Hague’s Kunstmuseum organised their annual Benefactor's Dinner on June 30th, 2023, and this year's sponsorship goal was ‘Donate for a Turtle’: an event complately dedicated to raising funds to restore their Turtle fleet, and to purchase the much-anticipated Turtle LITE 240 which is set to be released later this year. 


The story of TURTLE can’t be told without honourable mention of The Hague’s Kunstmuseum, as this is where it all began 30 years ago. Their request for a high-quality, sustainable alternative to what was already available for shipping art was what led to the development of the Turtle, and they have stayed loyal enthusiasts ever since. Their commitment to revolutionising single use packaging resulted in an investment in their own Turtle fleet 20 years ago.


In these 20 years, these Turtles have represented the Kunstmuseum all over the world, proving their worth as an investment for posterity. Loans are a museum’s currency and anything outgoing is a forerunner of an incoming piece in return, boosting the quality of exhibitions everywhere. However, it’s also acknowledging that to do this the art needs to travel, and that it is up to the museum to assume responsibility for doing this as consciously and sustainably as possible. Choosing Turtle meant choosing a durable, versatile, safe, and cost-saving product that, when cared for properly, has no end to its lifespan as it can be endlessly reused!


So, what is proper care? After each use, Turtles are checked thoroughly: when transporting invaluable works of art, one can’t be too careful. However, two decades of loyal globetrotting call for a more extensive check-up and restoration of the fleet, so that the museum is set for the next 20 years. Although necessary this is also a costly operation, and to fundraise the Kunstmuseum organised an evening completely dedicated to their Turtles hoping to inspire benefactors to donate by offering them the unique opportunity to travel the world… By having a Turtle named after them!


Visit the Kunstmuseum’s  donation page  for more information… And to donate!


Photo: Franck Doho
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