There is perhaps nothing else in the world with as much emotional and financial value as a work of art. These items deserve the very highest level of protection especially during transit. And there is nothing else in the world that provides a higher level of protection than a TURTLE case.

TURTLE is a flexible, safe and sustainable climate protection case for transporting works of art. For more than 20 years TURTLE has been used by leading museums around the world for the safe transportation of their most precious and valuable artworks. Since its initial introduction TURTLE has enhanced its reputation and is now the undisputed standard around the world for museum-level packaging.

Working together with a team of specialists in the field of composite materials (the impact-resistant polyester of which the body of the TURTLE is constructed and which is also used in the most recent air and space technology), TURTLE is the result of extensive testing to develop and refine the unique properties of this case. This is a radically innovative product that brings the standard of fine art packaging to its highest level. The protection that TURTLE provides against even the smallest variations in relative humidity and temperature is unequalled, and the customized internal technology of this crate results in an unsurpassed absorption of both shock and vibration.


The safe, most innovative,
sustainable and cost-effective
solution for shipping
high-end art across the globe

One of the goals during the development of the TURTLE was to design a product that could be used with ease anywhere in the world, and the unique user-friendly aspect of the TURTLE is the result of detailed discussions with leading museums around the globe.

TURTLE is also the most sustainable climate crate available on the market today. The expected lifespan of a TURTLE is more than 20 years which provides the most efficient rental capacity available. The combination of TURTLE’s unrivalled protection together with its long-term sustainability and ease of use is unique in the world. In short, TURTLE is the ideal partner for any artwork.

Every work of art deserves nothing less than the highest level of protection during transit – and there is no safer place for an artwork than inside a TURTLE.

Our ambassadors

We are proud to show you the first TURTLE ambassador movie about Elisabeth Gram Christensen, Group Director of Møbeltransport Danmark – Fine Art Logistics. She tells about her focus on preventive conservation, art logistics and her experience working with the TURTLEa. More TURTLE ambassadors will follow.


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