Climate Neutral Certification

The impact that both the art transport sector and the art packaging industry have on our climate is becoming increasingly relevant. Since 1994, TURTLE has been the most sustainable alternative to museum-quality single-use crates. Over the years, we have committed to sustainability and have made efforts to consciously reduce our footprint wherever possible. Not only is Turtle the safest and most secure option when it comes to art transportation solutions, it now carries a seal of approval that Turtle crates comply to the Climate Neutral Certification programme and is now officially Climate Neutral Certified! 

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More about Climate Neutral Certification 

With this programme, the Climate Neutral Group (CNG) wants to accelerate the transition to Net Zero in 2050. The programme was developedand accepted under the ISEAL Code of Good Practice. Important criteria in the standard is to gradually reduce an organisation's footprint by -50% in 2050 and a product carbon footprint each year with -25% in 2050. After an independent audit by a certification body with a positive result, an organisation, service, or product can use the trademark Climate Neutral Certified.

For more information see: www.climateneutralcertification.com 

CNG helps their clients to reduce their carbon emissions and environmental impact, by offering 4 services. For TURTLE, they have (1) calculated the carbon footprint, (2) givenadvice on how TURTLE can reduce its emissions, (3) provided credible offsets for emissions that cannot (yet) be reduced, and finally, (4) they offer a practical and impactful certification program that allows certified customers to proudly carry the Climate Neutral Trademark.


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