Turtle participates in Ki Futures

We are pleased to announce our participation in the Ki Futures Pilot Program. The Ki Futures  program provides the resources and connections to further Turtle’s success as a sustainable institution. The Pilot officially begins Wednesday 8 September, with an all-day Launch Event. 

Ki Futures guides and supports museums, galleries, and other cultural organisations in their effort to become more sustainable by providing them with the training, coaching, tools, and resources needed to make change in their institutions and by connecting them to an international network. This comprehensive program creates cultures of sustainability within organizations and within the sector globally.

Ki Futures participants learn how to take action and develop critical thinking skills and approaches that can be replicated and built upon, delivering a grounded sustainable approach. Through collaboration with a relevant community of specialists, practitioners, and organisations on a local and global level, Ki Futures helps to further our sustainability goals. About our participation and ambitions for sustainable practices, Nicole van Eerdt, Service & Delivery Manager Turtle has said:

“We find it very interesting to participate in the Ki Futures program; to share expertise with our industry, learn more about sustainability in our sector and make our products and services future-ready. We are taking the opportunity to make concrete agreements with the Ki Culture network to develop sustainable solutions for art packing and art transport.” 

The pilot program runs from 8 September 2021 until 8 December 2021 and will take the experiences and feedback of participants to develop and tailor the Ki Futures program launching in January 2022.

More information: www.kiculture.org


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