Turtle Reader

The Turtle Reader and the Turtle App provide the Real Time temperature and humidity inside the crate. It allows the museum staff to determine whether the crate may be opened if the conditions inside the crate are similar to the surrounding environment. This can prevent unnecessary waiting.

The Turtle Reader App


• This device displays the actual temperature and relative humidity in real-time

• Is available to download for Apple and Android

• Capable of reading data at a range of 5 meters with the corresponding app

• Adapted with Bluetooth connection

• Can also be used with other fine art crating solutions

• Does not contain a GPS function – thus location is not transmitted

• Capable of measuring exact temperature between 20°C and 50 °C

• Provides a temperature accuracy to ± 0.5 ° C

• Displays a temperature resolution to 0.1 ° C

• Measures the actual relative humidity between 0% and 100%

• Provides a relative humidity accuracy of ± 3% 

• Displays the relative humidity RH resolution to 0.01%

• Powered by 2 x 3.6V lithium batteries