What does it take to move a Picasso?

“It’s a very niche business that we do; not a lot of people know about it. People go to museums and galleries and they see artwork on the wall and they don’t think about how it got there…”

Listen to the podcast  with John O’Halloran, President of the Fine Arts and Security Group at Masterpiece International Ltd.  He brings an interesting twist to the supply chain industry through his experiences moving multimillion dollar, and sometimes priceless, fine art. John explains what is unique about fine art logistics and the next wave of challenges for which the supply chain industry needs to prepare.  

“We’re looking forward to the future. We’re starting to get involved in an interesting project where we’re going to be a US supplier of a re-usable, sustainable art crate. (..) We’ve partnered up with a company in The Netherlands that, for the last 20 years, has been building and finalizing specifications for a re-usable, recyclable art crate that is very flexible to use. We’re excited about that.” (00:14.15”)

This podcast is the 4th Episode of Profiles, a podcast series centered around supply chain conversations hosted by Brian Glick, founder and CEO of Chain.io. Read more about our partnership with Masterpiece.


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